Founded in 1999, today Yogalife is a leading provider of yoga training in Europe and India. Yogalife combines the knowledge of modern science with the depth of ancient wisdom. Our approach is open, embracing everlasting wisdom and we encourage you to listen to and trust the voice of your inner self.
“Yogalife Training is not education, it is a life changing experience”

Our 200 hours Teacher Training Course is focused on delivering the basic content a yogi needs to start his or her journey of teaching Yoga. In recent years we have also extended our teachings by adding new courses: we offer 4 Advanced Teacher Training courses from basic to advanced yogic studies. In these courses the following areas are covered to deepen the understanding of ancient yogic knowledge in the modern context:

  • Teachers Training foundation courses – 200 hours
  • Yogic Anatomy – 100 hours
  • Yoga Nidra – 60 hours
  • Yogic Studies and Sadhana – 100 hours
  • Pranayama course – 40 hours.

All of these courses are recognized by Yoga Alliance and give a student the option to become 500 hrs. certified Teacher. These Teacher Training Courses are currently happening in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and India.

Apart from the Teacher Training courses, the Yogalife teachers provide classes in different locations.

Yogalife has also yearly transforming retreats in different locations, such as a 10 day course in Goa and a 10 day online retreat named Home Ashram.

During the summer there is the Yogalife 3-days festival in Belgium to connect with each other and immerse ourselves in yoga, meditation and workshops.

About 10 years ago Yogalife decided to divide the content of the Trainings into 9 weekends instead of an intensive one-month program. Many people who want to join training have a job, a family or a very active life and don’t have the opportunity to take one month off. It proved to be a very successful formula and has since been followed by many other Yoga organizations . Through this change Yogalife noticed a big shift in their clientele, where the participants now are often much more into Yoga and really want to adjust their lives according to the Yoga philosophy in which they are immersed during the Teacher Training Course.









Travel Together

We are a service oriented organization. Many people are continuously hungry for more information and guidance in their life journey. We noticed that many of our teachers wanted to support each other in this search for information, because the education possibilities do not die down as soon as the course is finished.

That is why Yogalife Festival came into existence, here teachers come to help each other and introduce new people to the lavish world of Yoga. This started as a gathering for Belgian Yogalife teachers, but soon we noticed that students from Switzerland and Germany were also excited to be a part of the experience so it became an international encounter. There are lots of people looking for a lifeline when going through many different challenges in life. The essence of those challenges is coming from within, whether they are coming up in a relationship, a job or finding direction in life. That is why we extended our curriculum with programs which are based on Yoga Philosophy. These programs are not academically (like the Teacher Trainings) but we really focus on working together in finding a path. Two of those programs are Antastha Yatra (a 10 day yoga process in India) and Puruchartas (a 2 day workshop).

Everybody is helping other people to grow.

Yogalife Teachers

We invest most of our resources into our teachers. We keep each other on the path with an open feedback culture. That is also why we are a strong community. Everybody is always helping other people to grow.

Since we are doing this for two decades already, we have a lot of students who became core teachers in our team and bring in experience from all over the world. Did you know that by now, there are more then a thousand Yogalife teachers out there from 30 different countries? And they all bring in their own field of expertise, some are doctors, others are engineers, some are waiters and others are philosophers. So together we have an enormous resource of knowledge that we share in our teachings.

Yogalife is now a world-wide community: In our programs in India, we welcome people from all over the world (Australia, New-Zealand, America,…) and in our European courses we meet a lot of local people. Most of our trainers are based in Europe, and by working together we have become more effective. Looking at this community attitude, lots of new people got attracted to us: Julia Roberts took Yoga classes from us during her stay in India preparing for the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Sanjeev’s work with the people from Solar Impulse to help them achieve extreme challenges with the help of Yoga is a very interesting example of how yoga helps you in life. We also guide many corporate leaders that use the Yogic way of life to deal with the enormous responsibilities that they hold.

Sanjeev Bhanot

Yogalife Founder

  • Founder of Yogalife.
  • Teaching yoga since 1992
  • Established Yogalife in 1999
  • Experienced, charismatic and caring.
  • Shares with humor his profound knowledge of Yoga.
  • Implements his knowledge of the ancient scriptures in today’s life
  • Developed Antastha Yoga.
  • Skilled eyes to find on the spot the physical or emotional issues.

Sanjeev is the founder of the Yogalife Foundation. He embarked on his yoga path as a young boy, who befriended the sadhus (traveling yogi’s) around the corner from his school in Dungargarh, India. His interest in yoga and spirituality was driven by a natural curiosity about the human body and mind. He started teaching yoga over 30 years ago, in 1992 and established Yogalife in 1999. Since then he has trained more than 1000 teachers from 30 countries around the world and has led workshops on three continents

Sanjeev has a thorough knowledge on different yoga philosophies. He has the ability to see deep within a person and understand people’s bodies and minds. He helped many people with his profound knowledge of human anatomy and therapeutic knowledge.

Follow Sanjeev below:

You can follow Sanjeev’s classes online

Manoj Bhanot

Yogalife Founder, Belgium

  • Founder of Yogalife Belgium.
  • Modern, grounded, and lovable.
  • Expert in human energy and chakras.
  • Studies in anatomy, biochemistry and physiology.
  • Implements his knowledge of the ancient scriptures in today’s life.
  • Natural ability to connect with people through his sense of humor and his communication skills.

To say that Manoj was driven and guided by the universe to teach yoga would not be an overstatement. However, that does not mean he took the shortcut on the path towards yoga teaching. The seed of yoga was planted very early on by being born into a yoga family, gaining insight into the scriptures, interacting with great teachers and renowned writers, all this in the setting of an underdeveloped small village where it was barely possible to even buy a normal book. Manoj’s rebellious nature was not ready to surrender without questioning and that lead him onto the path of the material world. This questioning always continued and after experiencing life through his fairly good career as a software engineer, art curator, event and marketing manager as a seemingly happy man, he decided to question again and check all the components of existence within him. Doing so, he found his true meaning in teaching yoga. This time it was not a mere philosophy flying in the air but tools with relevance and in direct connection with real life.

Manoj teaches ancient scriptures that you can directly apply into your daily life.He teaches how you can integrate yoga in a most simple way. In a very subtle way and without realizing, students start to implement the teachings into their everyday life. Manoj has the ability to create a safe space where the students feel comfortable and free to ask questions. He gives the student the time to understand, and also to clarify whenever a question rises.

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You can follow the classes of Manoj in Gent, Belgium

Shweta Bhanot

Yogi, Festival Organizer

  • Yogalife Luxemburg TTC Organizer.
  • She is the backbone of Yogalife in Belgium.
  • An inspiring yogini with a calm and peaceful presence
  • Shweta’s expertise are Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Brain waves, Meditation and Insomnia.
  • Shweta has been the lead in designing the yoga nidra 60 hour program
  • Becoming a yoga teacher was a natural choice.
  • Completed her Yogalife TTC in Dharamsala in 2011

Shweta grew up in India, where yoga was part of her every-day life. She is the youngest of 5 children, of which 4 are yoga teachers. As such she has followed regular yoga courses, led by guru’s from all over India. As a young adult she was initiated into yoga by her Guru Swami Niranjanananda almost 15 years ago. In 2011 Shweta Bhanot completed her teachers training course (TTC) from Yogalife in the inspiring surroundings of Dharamsala. Since then she has been teaching classes in New Delhi and Belgium. Shweta has been a teacher at the Yogalife TTC since 2014 . Shweta is an inspiration to many happy yogis, who are always glad to return to her uplifting classes. Shweta specializes in Hatha yoga,Yoga Nidra, Meditation.

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You can follow Shweta’s classes in Melle, Belgium.

Micaela Preguerman

Yogi, Graphic Designer

  • Creative and Communication Director in Yogalife.
  • She is the smile of Yogalife.
  • Colorful, creative and motivating yogic soul.
  • Advanced Teacher Training Coordinator in Ibiza.
  • Guides you to open your heart and brings you to your inner happiness.

Mica originally studied Art Direction and Visual Communication in Buenos Aires, and after spending many years working in major advertising agencies in Argentina and Germany, she decided to follow her passion for yoga.
After her 200hrs Teacher Training with Yogalife, she accomplished the Advanced Teacher Training “The Spirit” on Antastha Yoga (100hrs) in India and the Advanced Teacher Training “The Body” on Anatomy and Physiology (100hrs) in Geneva, Switzerland as well.

In her curiosity and devotion for her path, she accomplished a 10 day immersion on The School of the Work with Byron Katie inquiring “The Mind” in Bad Nauheim, Germany. She also attended a specific Training for “Yoga for the Voice” with Inés Lolago in Spain. Besides her role at Yogalife as Coordination and Communication head, Mica is also co-trainer with Sanjeev in many of his Workshops and Retreats. She is one of the main teachers at the Antastha Yatra Yoga Retreat, which is held in India and she also teaches in the TTCs as well as in further Yogalife TTCs.

Learn more about Mica on below links:

You can follow Mica’s classes in Ibiza, Spain.

Diana Elizalde

Yogi, Teacher

  • Teacher at Yogalife Yoga Teacher Trainings and Coordinator.
  • A warm, joyful and inspiring teacher that contributes in the path of self-discovery, evolution and acceptance.
  • Specialized in the Science of Happiness at Berkeley University and First Aid for Sports.
  • Diana’s expertise are Yoga for anxiety, sleeping disorders, Yoga for kids, teens and families, and sequencing yoga classes.
  • Passionate about reading and writing and a world traveler.

Diana is a warm, joyful and inspiring teacher that contributes deeply to her student’s path of self-discovery, transformation and acceptance. She comes from a long lineage of teachers so becoming a yoga teacher, especially for children and families, is a natural evolution in Diana’s life path. Born in Mexico but living in Belgium for more than two decades she runs a Yoga Studio in her hometown of Oudenaarde. Specialized in the Science of Happiness at Berkeley University and First Aid for Sports, Diana also develops workshops around Yoga and anxiety, sleeping disorders, Yoga for kids, teens and families. As an experienced Yogalife teacher, Diana teaches sequencing, educated use of props, meditation and has an always growing understanding of anatomy.

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You can follow Diana her classes in Zottegem, Belgium.

Nadine Vanmanshoven

Yogi, Physical Therapist

Helping others to acquire knowledge, competences, values to go within and find their yin. Since 1979, Nadine Vanmanshoven is a Physical Therapist with a strong background in applied anatomy and a tremendous curiosity for the human body.

She has been spending the last 6 years developing her skills as a teacher, linking yoga, anatomy, physical therapy and science. After obtaining her degree she continued her education by specializing and obtained further qualifications in Manual lymph drainage, Autogenic Bronchial drainage, Urinary Incontinency and Sexual dysfunctions, Manual Therapy, Creative Consciousness coaching, Shiatsu massage, Meditation, Palliative care and is currently studying Ortho Molecular Therapy. She was trained by YogaLife, continued her education with a Sankalp retreat in India with Manoj Bhanot and Savira Gupta, in France with Sarah Powers ( insight yoga) in Brussels with Jo Barnett (yin yoga 50 h) and in Ghent with Eva Kamala Rodenbergh (Iyengar fundamentals 96 h). Nadine has taught anatomy for since 2014. At present she teaches yoga for the Sports Department of Zottegem. Her holistic style is based on years of experience and knowledge as a physical therapist, complemented by awareness from the rich Indian Yoga tradition, anatomy, pathology and life itself. A yoga class with Nadine is each time …. … like a breath of fresh air in a busy week … safe, calming, relaxing and up-lifting … simultaneous strenuous and relaxing at the same time, a blessing for body and mind … helping me to understand myself, I feel my body and mind harmonising …. as if she takes you on a trip, with clear instructions throughout the asanas and mental practice , driven with passion and enthusiasm “I love the interaction, applying yoga to all my patients and the ever-growing knowledge to my yoga and anatomy classes. Teaching is learning, growing, creating and providing conditions, to bring out the greatest assets in people. “

Poonam Stecher Sharma

Yogi, Entrepreneur

  • Founder of Sanapurna Yoga and Ayurveda Studio in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • One of the developers of Yogalife Teacher Training Course 200h.
  • Developed 300h Advanced Training.
  • Poonam spent two years in an ashram, which made her understand yogic life deeply.
  • A powerful feminine energy who follows and spreads a Yoga tradition which effectively combines ancient wisdom and modern science.

Poonam Stecher Sharma is a unique teacher. Her formal training started in 1996 at Yogalife and was further deepened with the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, India.Her classes are a combination of her yogic experiences and deep knowledge of different yoga styles.
She has a Yoga and Ayurveda studio in Zurich where she also really values the ecological and sustainable aspect of constructing and running a Yoga studio.
Yoga classes with Poonam induce amongst the students a calm clarity and a positive connection to the body, spirituality and the surrounding world. Her gentle and inspiring coaching heightens an inner awareness that enables a true listening to the deepest voice of oneself. Poonam is able to read into the true needs of students and vividly encourages them to the highest level of their abilities, often far beyond expectation

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You can follow Poonam her classes in Zürich, Geneva

Anne-Laure Rondel

Yogi, Teacher

  • Teacher and Coordinator at Yogalife Yoga Teacher Training.
  • Teaches Hatha Yoga, motivating her students to travel deep inside.
  • Cherishes her Yoga Nidra practice.
  • Former professional dancer, joyful to discover Yoga.
  • Loves food, spontaneous playing with kids and the daily walks with her dog and partner in crime, Pilou.

Anne-Laure, originally from France, is a former professional dancer who re-discovered herself and her passion to teach in the profound practice of Yoga. A dreamer with both feet deeply rooted into the ground, she’s known as a Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher in Gent. Anne-Laure shares her teachings in the Yogalife Teacher Training, Home Ashram and the Yoga Nidra Advanced course. She calls herself an addict when it comes to Yoga Nidra and deeply cherishes, teaches and practices on a daily basis. Her soft and at the same time strong voice allows her students to travel deep into the practice of Nidra. Anne-Laure is a spontaneous and playful soul and one of Yogalife’s warm heartbeats.

Learn more about Anne-Laure below:

You can follow Anne-Laure’s classes in Gent, Belgium.

Pankaj Sharma

Yogi, Engineer

  • Teacher at Yogalife Yoga Teacher Training.
  • Pankaj started his journey of Yoga to find the true purpose of life.
  • Connects science and yoga to live a happy and healthy, medicine free life. Loves to bring understanding of the scientific links to yogic practices.
  • Pankaj’ expertise are Hatha Yoga, Yoga for the back and spine, Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra and pranayama.

Born in the Himalayan region of North India, Pankaj started his journey of Yoga to find the true purpose of life. In the year 2013-2014, Pankaj followed yoga sadhana courses in Delhi and Rishikesh, India. Later he completed the course from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Delhi. During his bioscience engineering studies in Belgium, he continued yoga learning from Yogalife and thus became a part of the Yogalife family. Pankaj is now teaching Hatha Yoga, Yoga for the back and spine, Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra classes full-time. He connects science and yoga to live a happy and healthy, medicine free life. Pankaj loves to bring understanding of the scientific links to yogic practices. With his warm humor and peaceful personality, he’s always happy to help students.

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You can follow Pankaj’ classes in Gent, Belgium.

Elize Tikmane

Yogi, Dancer

Elize comes from Riga, Latvia, and landed in Mechelen, Belgium in 2012. She has been practicing Hatha yoga since 2004. Moving to Belgium brought Elize back to the path of yoga, that she has been sharing as a teacher since 2013. She completed her yoga teacher training with Yogalife and continued the path with an advanced training in Goa, India in 2015. Since 2016, Elize has been assisting Yogalife Belgium yoga teacher training courses, working closely together with her teachers, Manoj Bhanot and Sanjeev Bhanot. “I love to take time for each asana to sink deeper and explore it ‘inside out’. The silence and stillness of the body and mind are as important as the movement. Yoga is my way to come closer to myself,” says Elize In her weekly classes in Mechelen, Elize offers a balanced mix of Hatha, Yin and Antastha yoga.

Sarah Van Camp

Yogi, Teacher

  • Teacher at Yogalife Yoga Teacher Training.
  • A kind and bright soul that specializes in teaching Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra.
  • Supporting and loving inspirational guide.
  • Loves to read several books at the same time without ever finishing one.
  • Cooks delicious vegan meals.
  • Finds her venturing out into the woods or writing in her journals.

Always armed with a big smile, Sarah is a support and inspiration to Yogalife as an entire family. As a Yogalife teacher, she is a warm guiding support to all new students and assistants. Sarah specializes in teaching Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra and has an intense passion for understanding the scriptures in a way that she can translate it into daily life. Having first assisted many years of Yogalife training in Belgium and Germany, Sarah now teaches in Yogalife Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Nidra Advanced training, Home Ashram and Antastha Yatra (Goa). She is a fun and warm personality, always ready to extend a helping hand or a listening ear.

Learn more about Sarah below:

You can follow Sarah’s classes in Limburg, Belgium.


Mironel De Wilde

Yogi, Traveler

Mironel’s life dedication lies in cultivating connections on several levels, with the mission of being empowered and empowering others to share our greatest inner gift with the world. Through Yoga, Nonviolent Communication and filmmaking, Mironel shares his experiences in personal and spiritual growth and healing. His focus is on creating space to be authentic and free so that people can make choices and live in a way that is aligned with their deepest values, doing so creating a more harmonious world for all. Mironel grew up between cultures and countries with a very present sense of the greatness of our planet. Born in the Netherlands and then raised by his activist and philosopher parents in Canada and the UK, Mironel emerged from childhood with a conviction to help others and an eager curiousness about what is to be found beyond the material life. Being exposed to a mentality of open spirituality, by the age of 13 Mironel was studying Buddhism and knew that a spiritual path would be a big part of his life. He had profound experiences with the native shamans of Canada as a teenager, and in 2001 went to India to look for the depths of Yoga at the Mahasiddha school, an esoteric tantric school. Within this lineage, he began studying Kashmir Shaivism in 2003, and that same year made his first film ‘Entering the Lotus’.

Yves Barbion

Yogi, Teacher

  • Teacher at Yogalife Yoga Teacher Training.
  • Yves is a curious, dedicated yoga teacher.
  • Yves is a inspiring Karma Yogi.
  • He uses his deep knowledge of Yoga anatomy on the mat and shares his knowledge with the curious yogis, who join his classes.
  • Yves has been part of the teacher team at Yogalife Festival and recent Antastha Yoga retreat Goa.

Yves Barbion completed his training as a yoga teacher with Sanjeev, Manoj and Shweta Bhanot (Yogalife) and continues to undergo continuous yoga training through workshops with Dylan Werner and Robert Boustany, among others. In his hatha yoga classes, Yves guides you on the fascinating eightfold path of Patanjali, a quest for balance between physical and mental strength, relaxation and concentration, endurance and flexibility. After a short meditation and breathing exercise (pranayama), we gradually build up to more flowing, dynamic asanas, interspersed with poses that give you enough time to release tension and find stability, comfort and tranquility. Hatha yoga as a work-in, in other words, with the appropriate dose of spunk and playfulness.

You can followYves’ classes in Gent, Belgium.

Sofie Van Rensbergen

Yogi, Assistant Yoga Teacher

  • Assistant Yoga teacher at the Yogalife Teacher Training in Gent.
  • Teaches Hatha and Yin Yoga.
  • Learning and discovering more about yoga.
  • Sofie has a calming personality and her yoga classes are deeply relaxing.
  • Sofie has a great support team for building the website content for Yogalife luxembourg.

Sofie finished her Yogalife Yoga Teacher Training with Yogalife in 2020. She now teaches Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga in Gent. Combining teaching yoga with her other job where she teaches Dutch to foreign-language newcomers. Yoga helps her to find balance in daily life and to maintain clarity and focus. She loves to teach beginners and to help people discover yoga as a set of tools to be used on and off the mat.

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You can follow Sofie’s classes in Gent, Belgium.

Marcia vercruysse

Yogi, Assistant yoga Teacher

  • Assistant yoga teacher at the Yogalife Teacher Training in Gent.
  • Marcia has done 200 hours Yoga Teachers training course.
  • 100 hour of Yoga Anatomy advanced training with yogalife.
  • 60 hour of Yoga Nidra with Yogalife.
  • Teaches Hatha.
  • Marcia has a cheering vibe and her yoga classes can be calming and sometimes challenging which helps you break your boundaries.

Yoga has been her passion for several years now. She loves the balance, the softness and strength that yoga brings and “the path” she follows along with her mat. Being a karma yogi is a way of life to her, which she has been practicing long before the ‘practice’ on the mat. She loves being there for others, listening and helping wherever she can. Marcia is also a huge foodlover and cooking is one of her biggest passions besides yoga. She loves to cook a rich and tasty and healthy meal. In both passions, Marcia enjoys the joy of others! Cooking and Yoga, food… for body and mind.

Learn more about Marcia below:

You can follow Marcia’s classes in Aalter and Ghent, Belgium.