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This course will change you. No matter where you are in your life, the fact that you are already considering this program and reading these lines, means you are in search of something. Besides the deepening of the theoretical and physical aspect, which will leave you changed, you are also surrounded by amazingly kind people where you will share experiences and points of view, deepening the connection with yourself. Deepening your personal practice.

You’ll make lifelong connections. You’ll connect with a group of souls who have a way of thinking, a philosophy that you can relate to. You’ll be inspired by them the same way I was.

I began this journey of TTC to deepen my practice and knowledge. I’m so happy I made this choice and I would recommend it to anyone who is on a personal journey.



Here are four reasons to choose Yogalife TTC:

  1. Yogalife takes you on a journey of self-discovery which allows you to find and develop your own voice and style as a teacher.
  2. The teacher training by Yogalife goes beyond the asanas, including all elements that encompass yoga, from the spiritual to the scientific. This integral approach gives you a strong foundation on which you can build and expand your practice.
  3. Through the asana clinics you learn how to teach asanas to others and you learn how to expand your knowledge of asanas as a teacher.
  4. Yogalife takes a relaxed approach to learning, focusing on building a deeper understanding of yoga. The teachers and assistant teachers are always ready to answer any questions and to help you on your journey.
  5. And this is what Yogalife is to me: a yoga family, a community of kind spirits, a place of learning and self-development.


Going into Yogalife's RYT 200 course with a mental focus on asanas, I was in for a surprise. This course definitely teaches you a lot about asanas -as a course should which is supposed to prepare you for a career as a yoga instructor- but at least as important are the philosophies around yoga and how yoga as a whole life system can balance a person's life. I learned a lot. Surely about yoga, but also about myself. And I got to know amazing people - the teachers, assistant teachers but also my fellow students from which a lot will stay friends for life, as it feels. I recommend a teacher training with Yogalife to anyone who is ready for their life being changed and is open to learn about yoga beyond the aspect of physical exercise. I started the teacher training as a means to improve my own practice but I'm staying as a teacher to colleagues and friends and as a student, thirsty for more.



Training Program held on Apr 03, 2020—Jul 12, 2020

During the training with Yogalife I have experienced a very personal approach which gave me the base for teaching in a comfortable and natural way. The course is more than about becoming a teacher, it's also developing personal growth. You get the knowledge about history of yoga, asanas, anatomy, pranayama, meditation, asana-clinics... A well balanced training I'm very happy with. I will recommend Yogalife to anyone!


Training Program held on Apr 03, 2020—Jul 12, 2020

Very pleased with the training. The programme includes a well balanced combination of Yoga classes, theory, anatomy and physiology, asana correction (including hands on, in case) and personal development. Many resources are generously shared for most of the topics covered, letting even the most curious of the students develop some new knowledge. Also, great the variety of guest teachers bringing their expertise to the course. Highly professional organisation within a friendly and supportive environment, wonderful overall experience.